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About GamePlan

GamePlan Collegiate Consulting is a guidance service for young student-athletes who want to compete in athletics, specifically volleyball, at the college level. The services are geared towards helping these athletes and their families navigate the recruiting process through a personalized approach, tailored to each individual.

Maneuvering through the recruiting and admissions process for college can be daunting, and many families don’t know where to start. Others don’t realize that their child has the ability to play at the collegiate level. And even more lack access to resources helping during this very important developmental time. We believe that if a committed athlete wants to play at the collegiate level, there is a place for that athlete - it’s just a matter of finding it.

At GamePlan, we have the mindset of setting our clients up for success. Through strategy, determination, planning and hard work, together we can find the right place for your collegiate experience.

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